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Chicago Kettlebell Training

Gan Power, Ireland

[From left to right: Gan Power, Paolo Encarnacion, Bea Rodriguez (me), Sheryl d’Haenen, Nico d’Haenen] A little over a year ago, I started learning the girevoy sport (GS) style jerk from Coaches Nico d’Haenen and Paolo Encarnacion in the Philippine Kettlebell Club‘s brand-new facility in Pasig City. (I will be featuring Philippine Kettlebell Club in…
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Christopher Doenlen, USA

Meet my friend and teammate, Christopher Doenlen, who is originally from Florida and currently based in Washington, D.C. We met in March 2013 at an IKFF (International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) Competition. He is one of the people who made my first competition less nerve-wracking — he checked my form, and since he knew that I…
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