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Chicago Kettlebell Training

Christian Goldberg, USA

Meet Christian Goldberg, a phenomenal kettlebell sport athlete and coach from Boulder, Colorado.

Christina Danos, Canada

Meet my friend Christina Danos, who is from Canada, and is my Long Cycle twin 🙂 We met at IKFF Worlds Competition in November 2013, where we tied for first place in the 54kg weight division. Both of us lifted a 16kg kettlebell 78 times in 10 minutes, earning us Rank 2 in Sporting Perfection…
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Cynthia Roulston, Canada

Meet my friend Cynthia Roulston, who hails from Canada. We met in June 2013 at an IKFF (International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) Competition in Chicago, where she hit a Personal Record — triple digits in the Long Cycle event! In the brief time that I got to know her, three things about Cynthia impressed me the…
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