Month: August 2014

Chicago Kettlebell Training

Lorna Kleidman, USA

“The beauty and the challenge of this sport is having to constantly explain what it is. It’s like having an unusual name that everyone mispronounces: on the one hand you have a cool name, but on the other hand you go through the days correcting everyone. So it’s reiterated – it’s not an aesthetic event, it’s a performance event. It’s not about brute strength, it’s about technique, endurance and sub-maximal of strength.”

Denis Vasilev, Russia

It’s an honor and pleasure to feature one of the most decorated GS athletes in the world, MSIC Denis Vasilev. And did you know that he is an artist, too? Now you know 🙂

Megan Densmore, USA

For more than a decade, Megan struggled with fibromyalgia. Today, she is a beast on the platform and is helping others overcome health challenges through Shaklee.