CKC Presents the Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit 2016!

Be a part of kettlebell sport history – join us for the inaugural Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit 2016!

In August 2015, I attended the Girls Gone Strong Women’s Fitness Summit, where I witnessed the power of bringing women together to talk about female-specific topics, learn from each other, and network. The content was substantial, and the Girls Gone Strong community inspired me to collaborate with my own kettlebell sport community. When one presenter shared, “Nothing worth doing can be done alone,” I realized that what I ultimately wanted to do in life — help empower girls and women all over the world — had to be done with others. Thus, right after the summit, I reached out to some of my friends, who were all excited to bring the idea to fruition. In the process of organizing this event, I got to know even more women who are equally passionate about kettlebell sport and creating a strong community of female lifters.

In collaboration with Nazo, Brittany van Schravendijk, Amanda Wegner, Christian Goldberg, Sherry Mel Murphy, Sara Moore, and Kimberly Fox, we began planning tirelessly since August. Today, we are proud to present the first-ever Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit, created by women for women of all fitness backgrounds who want to learn, share expertise and ideas, and help advance kettlebell sport. 

Organized by a diverse group representing various kettlebell sport organizations, the summit will offer:
*educational presentations,
*panel and focused group discussions,
*networking lunches, and
*technique instruction by world-class coaches and athletes.

We are especially thrilled to feature world-class coaches and athletes Abigail Johnston (Scotland) and Aleksandra Vasilieva (Russia). They join Jennifer Hintenberger (Canada), Saiko Malae Shima (United States), Cynthia Roulston (Canada), and Donica Storino (United States), and more panelists that we will announce in the coming weeks.

Plus, you will have a chance to win some phenomenal raffle prizes, thanks to our supporters! Sponsors include IKFF, OKC, IKSFA, AKA, Bolt, Ice Chamber, Lab of Champions, Kettlebell Kings, and Dafirma. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us through the Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit 2016 website.

#WIKSummit2016 is just the beginning of a powerful movement. Please join us as we create a global community of female lifters. We are all excited to connect with you, wherever you are in your kettlebell sport journey, and wherever you are in the world.

Bea Rodriguez

To learn more details and register, check out the Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit 2016 website.

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