Elevating the Dialogue on Kettlebell Sport

Aside from bringing women together to learn and teach one another on kettlebell sport technique and training, the Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit (#WIKSummit2016) has a primary objective of elevating the dialogue on various issues that female athletes and coaches care about. For examples:

*One of our featured presentations is on “Physiological Differences Between Men and Women, and its Applications to Kettlebell Sport”
*Focused group discussions are structured to gather feedback and possible solutions about various aspects of the sport, such as, but are not limited to: the global landscape of kettlebell sport, understanding competition rules and standards of various organizations, knowledge re: female-specific training
*Networking opportunities that encourage female leadership, as well as collaboration and creative problem-solving

Our collective efforts will lead to the following:

*Identifying the most pressing issues in kettlebell sport
*Exploring strategic ways to address these issues
*Sharing our findings with major kettlebell sport organizations and the public
*Continuing the dialogue with the kettlebell sport community every year via two avenues: the Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit (starting in 2016, offered every other year) and the Kettlebell Sport Summit (for both men and women, starting in 2017, offered every other year)

Another objective is to contribute to the body of knowledge about kettlebell sport, via scientific research. If you are interested in participating or collaborating, please email me at chikettleclub@gmail.com.

On behalf of #WIKSummit2016 organizers, we are all excited to create a venue where we can share current knowledge and expertise re: kettlebell sport. We hope to see you on August 8-9, 2016! For more info, visit: www.kettlebellsportsummit.com

Bea Rodriguez, Chicago Kettlebell Club President
Founder, Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit


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