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open to all fitness backgrounds — novice and advanced athletes, fitness professionals and business owners — who want to learn, share expertise and ideas, and help advance kettlebell sport

Following the success of Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit 2016, this year’s Kettlebell Sport Summit continues the dialogue we started to help advance kettlebell sport.

Join us for more educational presentations, panel discussions, networking sessions, technique instruction, and research study participation.

We are offering Coach/Business Track sessions (focusing on program design, marketing, etc) that will run concurrently with Athlete Track (technique, GPP) sessions.

All Summit attendees get free competition registration to the Chicago Kettlebell Open on Saturday, August 19.

World Grand Prix Event

Friday, August 18
5:00pm-8:00pm: Weigh-ins

Saturday, August 19
6:30am: Weigh-ins
10:00am: Competition Begins

This year, we are featuring the Grassroots Kettlebell League Format, involving 3 events: Snatch, Jerk and Long Cycle for 5-minute sets; one-hand switch for for those using 1 bell.

In addition, we are offering 10-minute events (one-hand switch for those using 1 bell), using KETAcademy Tables.

Competitors lift in 2 divisions:
Experienced = those who have competed in 10-minute events
*Grassroots = those who have not competed in 10-minute events

10-minute Sets (for those competing for rank):
*Open to all lifters

All competitors can:
*lift in one or more event
*use 1 or 2 kettlebells for jerk and long cycle

Scoring is based on points system below.
The heavier the weight, the more points you earn:
*8kg bell: 1 pt
*10kg bell: 1.45 pts
*12kg bell: 1.9 pts
*14kg bell: 2.35 pts
*16kg bell: 2.8 pts
*18kg bell: 3.25 pts
*20kg bell: 3.7 pts
*22kg bell: 4.15 pts
*24kg bell: 4.6 pts
*26kg bell: 5.05 pts
*28kg bell: 5.5 pts
*30kg bell: 5.95 pts
*32kg bell: 6.5 pts

For Experienced Division:
Experienced Lifters are encouraged to participate in triathlon (snatch, jerk, long cycle).
Gold medals will be awarded to the top female and male overall scorers.
For those who wish to earn ranking, KETAcademy Ranking Tables will be used.

For Grassroots Division:
*1 gold medal for top overall scorer (1 male & 1 female)
*1 gold and 1 silver for top scorers in Jerk (2 males & 2 females)
*1 gold and 1 silver for top scorers in Snatch (2 males & 2 females)
*1 gold and 1 silver for top scorers in Long Cycle (2 males & 2 females)
For those who wish to earn ranking, KETAcademy Ranking Tables will be used.

For those competing in 10-minute events:
*Rank will be awarded, using KETAcademy Tables.

*If you signed up for Kettlebell Sport Summit 2017, there is no need to register for the competition. All Summit attendees get free registration to Chicago Kettlebell Open.*

For more details and to register:

If you cannot attend the Summit but would like to register for the Chicago Kettlebell Open, register here.

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