The Chicago Kettlebell Club (CKC) aims to build a community of diverse and strong lifters who can make a difference in one another’s lives. We raise awareness about the benefits of kettlebell training and girevoy sport (kettlebell sport). Through private and semi-private training, workshops, online coaching, and the annual Kettlebell Sport Summit, CKC helps members get fit or get ready to compete in kettlebell sport.


“The class was great and so was the teacher. Bea came highly recommended and did not disappoint- her upbeat, energetic, and positive style helped create a great environment to learn the basics of kettlebells without worrying about being self-conscious or intimidated by others in the class. She obviously knows her stuff when it comes to fitness, and I love that she is actively competing in kettlebell competition! I can’t wait for her to offer intermediate and advanced classes so I can keep learning and working out!” – Andrew M.


“Awesome class from start to finish led by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. Bea introduced the class to the basics of kettlebell sport, taught us a number of basic moves, making sure that our form and technique were correct, and ended with circuit training that engaged the entire body. Because of the varying fitness levels of the participants, she checked-in with everyone and adjusted the workout to each of our abilities. Overall, I had a great workout (with a good ache in my muscles the next few days) and am inspired to include kettlebells in my future workouts. I recommend this class to those that want to give kettlebells a try or just need a good workout! Thanks Bea!” – Analyne S.


“I really enjoyed the Intro to Kettlebells class with Bea. I had previously tried kettlebell workouts at home but was never quite sure if my form and technique were correct. Bea offered step by step instructions and gave lots of tips and pointers as well as taught us numerous kettlebell swings and exercises. The class was ended with a short, but very effective, full body circuit training activity. I could definitely tell the next day that my whole body had a good workout. Great class!” – Dayna M.


“Great intro class. The trainer, Bea Rodriguez, is dedicated to ensuring that each student has the correct form and is completing each exercise safely. Be sure to check out future intro classes with Bea!” – Kristina W.


“Bea was friendly and eager to share her knowledge. She’s definitely passionate about Kettlebells, and her enthusiasm makes it fun. She monitored everyone individually checking our form as we went. Kettlebells are awesome. I’ve now signed up for a longer class with Bea.” – Patrick J.


“What a great experience! I was very excited to go, but not really knowing what to expect. The class was small enough to receive personal attention, but big enough to not feel singled out. I learned enough about it to want to explore more about using kettle bells to meet my fitness needs.” – Traci S.

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